Social media allows fans to share in the ‘behind the scenes’ magic.

26 Mar

How Social Media allows your fans a private backstage experience.

By Allen Maddox


This was a HUGE event for me personally as I currently manage a local female fronted hard rock band, Scarlet Canary. Halestorm’s lead singer Lzzy Hale became the first woman to ever win a grammy in the hard rock/metal category!

This was a big step for the music industry not only because of the fact Lzzy won this amazing award but because I almost felt as if I was right there with her. Through the band’s social media they did an excellent job walking us through the big moment, from the car ride with their parents to the event all the way to the end when they were holding the award.

You can view Halestorm’s twitter here. That is a link to Lzzy’s twitter and if you scroll through the posts you’ll find all sorts of interesting pictures and posts, but not your typical ‘we’re at the venue waiting for fans’ post. Instead you’ll find an almost intimate picture of her and her brother riding to the grammy’s with their mother.

You’ll find posts about how she felt, how the band felt, and all of the interesting never really seen before events that go into a grammy production. For example they posted a picture of the elegant formal Grammy invitations that the band received as an aspiring artist myself in my free time I was really able to connect with that. This band allowed me and a million other fans to share in their triumph.

Utilizing social media such as instagram, twitter, and pinterest is an excellent way to market the live event. It allows fans to connect with artists in a more intimate fashion that allows your artist to be seen as a person and not just a celebrity that is ‘untouchable.’

This humanizing aspect of social media for behind the scenes promotion is also an excellent way to generate hype for a show and to reduce any consumer dissonance they may feel after the fact. If a fan has a great time at a show using the social media to show them those same moments from the other night from the artists perspective allows them to believe that the artist had as much fun as they did and are people that would be worth seeing again. Halestorm has a line that goes like this:

“At the rock show
I’m looking at the front row
Heart and soul, we both know
It’s where we gotta be
Yeah at the rock show”

This is what you’re marketing when you promote a live show.

Not the artist.

Not the venue.

But the experience for the fans.

Halestorm got it right using social media to build an intimate Grammy experience that fans were able to take part in. Excellent work and congratulations to them on their award! Read the full grammy review here by

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