Creative Music Marketing, Rocky style workout to get ready for touring!

7 Mar

Creative music marketing youtube campaign.

How the market is changing:

In today’s music market technology has reduced the gap required for musicians to have a professional appearance on the market. New recording technology allows bands to produce radio quality music faster and higher quality for almost nothing compared to what artists and labels paid for recordings in the 1970’s.

On top of that with the introduction of social media as the primary advertising channel for musicians it has meant that anyone with a guitar can post the results and spread it across the internet. Marketing is now the solution to ‘standing out’ in the industry particularly through creativity.

Suggested E-Reading:

The Live Event:

We Came as Romans was recently added to the 2013 Vans Warped Tour one of the largest live music events in America. The event itself has a full production advertising team but with 50+ bands on the tour all in the up and coming stages the way that individual booking managers promote their bands, brands, and music becomes essential in order for them to stand out amongst their competitors.

The above video is the start of We Came as Romans online video marketing where in the video they ‘get ready for Warped’ by training in a style similar to an old Rocky movie.

Their Media Campaign:

The idea was creative and has generated over 30,000 views. This is a huge lead over many of the other bands on the 2013 Warped Tour lineup. Using comedy in a creative way to portray the band as ready for the tour and capable of putting on a show might just be what it means for their stage to outdraw many of the other bands on the tour. With 50+ bands there will be multiple stages playing at once and from a management standpoint it is important to use creative advertising such as this to ensure that the crowd is in front of your acts stage.
Many bands simply put facebook posts out begging people to come to their show and ‘support the scene.’ This is still seen by many consumers as intrusive marketing and is often ignored. At the very least your act won’t stand out in an industry as oversaturated as this. We Came as Romans did an excellent job in the launch of this video campaign by using comedy to connect with their fans and hopefully raise their ranking in consumer’s evoked set before the tour actually begins.

Social Media Follow up

If you have been following my twitter I posted an article from that listed 6 other creative music marketing techniques bands have used to stand out in a live event market like Warped Tour. One of my favorite examples was from the band Arcade Fire that used Google Street view in their music video campaign.

The campaign asked users to enter their home zip code and then the music video would play the band running their performance in an HTML 5 constructed copy of parts of various neighborhoods from the zip code entered by the user. It helped the band launch an otherwise stagnant career.


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